Family Day Workshop, Sunday July 22, 2019

Ancient Science Characters 

This workshop was conducted on Sunday, July 22, 2019, for parents and children to work together at the Chester Beatty. 

Activity Overview by the Chester Beatty Education:
 "Inspired by The Wonders of Creation manuscript, join Maker-in-Residence Pantea Karimi, to create ancient scientific imaginary characters using collage and 3D materials.  Kids and their parents gather around each table to make either of the three topics: Angels, Monsters or Hybrid Animals in drawing or 3-D form, using paper sculptures."

Workshop Time: 1:00-3:00 PM
Age Groups: Varied
Author: Pantea Karimi
Required time: 2 hours or less


1.      Drawing papers or mixed-media paper
2.      Pencil, eraser, scissors, ruler
3. Copies of images for inspiration
4. Sequins
5.      Beads
6.      Glues 
7.      Fabric scraps
8.      Assorted construction papers (any desired colors) 
9. Popsicles sticks
Images from The Wonders of Creation:
For the purpose of this workshop, images are selected from three categories in the manuscript:
Category 1: Angels (Feresh-teh in Persian or Malaa-ek in Arabic)
Category 2: Monsters (Deev in Persian or Shaytaan in Arabic)

Category 3: Hybrid Animals (Imaginary animal-characters)
image 1 (angels)

image 2 (hybrid animal)

image 3 (hybrid animal)

image 4 (monsters)

image 5 (monster)

Images of sculptures (clay and paper), and how to make them:

Family Day Workshop
Artworks by participants, Dublin, Ireland:

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